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Another classic being resurrected by Military Armament Corporation is the new MAC Knife based on a design known the world over for its use in combat around the globe. Originally designed to give troops serving in Vietnam a more modern knife for use in hand-to-hand combat, it went on to be extremely popular among troops during the conflict and beyond. Today the MAC Knife starts with a 440C blade that is ground and heat treated to 60HRc for a durable cutting edge that is easy to maintain. The aluminum handle features a matte gray finish with a subtle texture that blends well with the contrasting pommel and guard. Each MAC Knife is serial numbered and comes with a military style leather sheath.


Blade Material:
440C Stainless Steel
Blade Finish:
Satin Stainless
58-60 HRc
Cutting Edge:
Handle Material:
Handle Finish:
Cerakote Matte Grey/Black
WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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    The MAC MK II is a Great knife

    Posted by Haydon Aldersey on 9th Apr 2024

    I bought one of these and was really impressed with the quality so I bought another one! I have a Gerber MK II from 1983 to compare the MAC to and MAC has got it right. It really captures the form and quality of the early Gerber MK II. I hope MAC makes some more soon!

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    MAC MkII knife

    Posted by Lee on 21st Jan 2024

    A faithful reproduction of the original MkII but at a great price. Handle texture is a little slick compared to original but still very good.

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    MAC Mk II Knife

    Posted by Kyle NeSmith on 14th Jan 2024

    What an awesome reproduction of an iconic fighting knife. You pull this knife from the sheath and you are instantly transported to the pages of 1980s era Soldier of Fortune magazine.

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    MK II Knife

    Posted by Greg Walker on 14th Jan 2024

    A truly impressive evolution of the legendary Gerber MK II combat knife. An x-ray of the grip shows the tang is not the original "stubby" tang used by Gerber but rather a substantial full tang. This allows the knife to be far stronger under hard use. There is no 5 degree cant to the blade which is neither here nor there as that feature was nebulous to begin with. The blade needed only several swipes on a butcher's steel to bring it up to being truly sharp. Overall a very, very good purchase for the money asked.

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    MAC MK II Knife

    Posted by Timothy Shawn Hartley on 14th Jan 2024

    I've collected knives most of my life and have had a few Gerber MK IIs, I fortunately was able to purchase a friend's MK II he carried in Vietnam when he served with the 173rd Airborne, the s/n of this mk II shows it was made in 1970, the MAC MKII is exactly the same, nothing left to say, thank you for this outstanding ode to America's history !

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    MK2 knife

    Posted by John Tate on 13th Nov 2023

    Great knife! Very well made and it reminds me of the the original that is not manufactured anymore. I really like the knife.

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    MK2 knife

    Posted by Jonathan Derr on 5th Nov 2023

    I am exceedingly pleased with my MK2. I had been looking for a quality reproduction of a MK2 for several years now and was very disappointed with the previous batch of Gerbers due to the poorly executed bevels and softer steel. My MK2 came paper slicing sharp which is pretty impressive considering the blade stock is a quarter inch thick. The bevels are so well done that I won't sharpen the blade with anything other than a strop. No metal needs to be removed from the blade to produce a hair popping edge just a few passes on the strop with some buffing abrasive. The cerakoted handle is simple but well done and the entire product exudes quality. Some people get turned off by the half tang construction, but the handle assembly feels entirely solid and I trust it. It also leads to incredible balance and light weight. My only issues with these MK2s are these: 1: The handle could use a bit more texture, ideally like the cats tongue finish used on the originals. 2: Alternative options for sheaths. For .mil, .gov, LEO or citizen wishing to carry the MK2, the supplied leather sheath isn't as practical as something kydex or molle compatible. The supplied sheath is very well made and attractive, it just isn't as useful for modern carry. 3: Make some more MK2 variations. Polished, blued, cerakoted blades, serrations, alternative color combinations. That having been said, I like my MK2 so much that I will be ordering a second here very soon. Good work on bringing back a classic.

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    MAC MKII combat knife.

    Posted by Robert Shirley on 2nd Nov 2023

    Outstanding knife, and an outstanding value for tje price. In 2005 I had a clone of a Gerber MKII made by a custom maker here in Texas, since Gerber was no longer producing them.. If the MAC knife had been available, I would not have.

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    Posted by Lenny on 2nd Nov 2023

    Nice Leather Sheath was a Bonus! Great feel, This is my Second one