MAC 1014 Adjustable Breacher-Style Stock

Military Armament Corporation
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Adjustable stock assembly for the MAC-1014 series of shotguns. Includes polymer stock, buffer tube, and pistol grip. Designed to fit other Benelli® M4/1014 compatible firearms.

Minor fitting maybe required on some variants.

WARNING: This product can expose you to Lead, which is known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm. For more information go to :


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    Mac 1014 Adjustable Breacher Stock

    Posted by *.•FŘÅŅKÌë•.* Mina on 21st Jun 2024

    It’s friggin awesome GET ONE! Easy install and fully adjustable. Dumped a box of ammo after the install and had no problems. Highly recommend.

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    M 1014 Breacher Stock

    Posted by John Burgin on 13th Jun 2024

    Very nice piece, it arrived quickly, there are no instructions, which is silly. Take the trigger assembly out. just take the buttpad screw out, then use a long 6mm hex head to loosen the bolt that holds it on. Slide the stock off, then slide the new one on and reassemble. Great piece!

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    Breached stock

    Posted by Leonard on 13th Jun 2024

    I was highly impressed with the quality of the breacher stock, it took a matter of minutes to remove and install the old and new stock. The cost of the stock was a shockingly inexpensive, I’m not surprised since my MAC 1014 is a quality firearm and the upgrades for this platform are plentiful.

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    Adjustable Stock

    Posted by Jeffrey Zumbach on 7th Jun 2024

    Easily swapped out my fixed stock for this adjustable. Fully adjusts and easily mounted.

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    Mac 1014 breacher stock

    Posted by Bud on 7th Jun 2024

    For the price, you CAN'T beat it! If you think you can, price a Benelli, then get back with me...

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    Adjustable stock

    Posted by Ken on 1st Jun 2024

    Wow what a great upgrade for a great price. Fast easy install. Thanks

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    A pleasant surprise

    Posted by David Altom on 30th May 2024

    This is the best $60 I ever spent on anything, much less a shotgun. I'm an average height/sized guy--5'11" on a good day--but for I have to have a short stock on my fighting shotguns; wielding a standard length shotgun it akin to lugging about extra baggage as far as I'm concerned and it makes me wanna use a carbine around my house when I know I shouldn't. I've even gone as far as to saw several inches off the stocks of my old Benelli M1 Tactical and my new-ish Beretta 1301. I saw an opporunitity with the MAC 1014 and figured I'd just saw off the stock and add a buttpad like the others. But when this beautiful fully collapsible SOB showed up on the website I hit the purchase button as fast as I could! I did have some trepidations, I must admit; you know, if it looks too good to be true, it must suck. Nope. This stock is the real thing, it's robust, solid and well-designed. Unlike the weapon it's destined for, it's not a dead-on clone of the original. I think it may be better. Especially considering the 90% discount in comparison to an authentic Benelli stock. My only complaint is there's no paperwork or instructions to be found. You can at least find videos on how to install an original M4 stock, but this one had me stymied for about 20 minutes. The trick is there's a single screw that holds the MAC buttpad on. Take it off and it exposes where the main bolt goes. The real beauty of this design is you just slide the M4 carbine-like "buffer tube" over the recoil tube of the weapon, install the bolt with a 6mm hex wrench and re-install the recoil pad. Simple as cake! Rather than twist and pull to adjust the length of pull on the original Benelli, you just treat this stock like your M4 carbine. And instead of just 2 positions, this has 7. I like'em short and short I can get now. A couple of caveats; the cheekpiece is--as far as I can tell--non-removable, so the shorter the length of pull, the more difficulty you have in using the factor irons. No worries, though, as I installed a Primary Arms red dot and even at the shortest position it's easy to see through. Great for home protectio--in my case--or all that cool ninja CQB stuff you younger guys do nowadays. ALSOOOOO .., the description says this stock can be used in original M4 and M4 clone shotguns. Be prepared for a shortage as I predict once the Benelli fanboys get wind of this MAC and SDS will be sold on post haste. Well done SDS and MAC! I'm very happy with my purchases (so far). Now I just have to sit patiently and wait for that cool Gerber MkII clone knife to show up on your website!